Molly's Zoo: Monkey Mischief at Twycross

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'I've hand-reared dozens of chimps over the years when they've been rejected by their mothers. They stay in the house with us until they are about two years old and are affectionate and well-behaved... They sleep in a blanket with a pillow (yes, some have been known to snuggle up in bed with me). As they get older they can become dangerous if they don't know you, but I've never been seriously bitten.' MOLLY'S ZOO is a highly entertaining account of happenings unique to Twycross Zoo. Read about the chimp who took part in a ...

Molly's Zoo: Monkey Mischief At Twycross 2002, Simon & Schuster, New York

ISBN-13: 9780743409087


Molly's Zoo: Monkey Mischief at Twycross 2000, Simon & Schuster Ltd, London

ISBN-13: 9780743208321