Microbiology of Extreme Soils


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My auxiliaries are the dews and rains which water this dry soil, and what fertility is in the soil itself, which for the most part is lean and effete. - Henry David Thoreau, Walden Pond The concerns that Thoreau had about his beans were nothing to those that would face a similarly conscientious gardener in the Atacama Desert or on the planet Mars, where dews are rare, or frozen, and rains are extremely rare - or absent al- gether. Yet we live in a time when an appreciation of the differences and simila- ties among soils (or ...

Microbiology of Extreme Soils 2014, Springer, Berlin

ISBN-13: 9783642446108

2008 edition

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Microbiology of Extreme Soils 2007, Springer, Berlin, Germany

ISBN-13: 9783540742302