MEN OF GOOD WILL BY JULES ROMAINS CONTENTS Preface Book One: The Sixth of October 1 Paris Goes to Work on a Fine Morning 2 Painters at Work. Woman Asleep 3 Nine oclock in the Morning at the De Saint Papouls and the De Champcenais 4 Schoolmaster Clanricard tells the Children about Europes Great Danger 5 The Comings and Goings of MadameMaillecottin 6 Juliette Ezzelin is Dispirited. Jean Jerphanion is Inspirited 7 Quinette the Bookbinder 8 Wazemmes the Apprentice 9 Quinett, the Stranger, and Blood, Sampeyre 11 Wazemmess First ...

Men of Good Will 2006, Hesperides Press, Alcester

ISBN-13: 9781406732412

Trade paperback