Masked gods : Navaho and Pueblo ceremonialism


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Masked Gods is a vast book, a challenging and profoundly original account of the history, legends, and ceremonialism of the Navaho and Pueblo Indians of the Southwest. Following a brief but vivid history of the two tribes through the centuries of conquest, the book turns inward to the meaning of Indian legends and ritual -- Navaho songs, Pueblo dances, Zuni kachina ceremonies. Enduring still, these rituals and ceremonies express a view of life, of man's place in the creation, which is compared with Taoism and Buddhism -- ...

Masked Gods: Navaho & Pueblo Ceremonialism 1950, Swallow Press

ISBN-13: 9780804006415

2nd edition

Trade paperback

Masked Gods: Navaho and Pueblo Ceremonialism 1950, Swallow Press

ISBN-13: 9780804001960