Mancs vs Scousers and Scousers vs Mancs


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This book presents more friendly city rivalry anecdotes from Ian Black. How much do Mancs hate Scousers? Well, there's not a lot you can compare it to, except of course how much Scousers hate Mancs. Which is rather a lot, as you might gather from this charming little ditty from the Anfield terraces: There's only one Dr. Shipman, there's only one Harold Shipman, we own him our thanks, cos he killed lots of Mancs, we're walking in a Shipman wonderland. Then there's the belief among Mancs that all Scousers want to move to ...

Mancs vs Scousers and Scousers vs Mancs 2006, Black and White Publishing, Edinburgh

ISBN-13: 9781845021252