Mahler: Symphony No. 3 - Alastair Mackie (horn); Benjamin Zander (speech/speaker/speaking part); Brian Fulcher (trombone);...
Track Listing
  1. Symphony No. 3 in D minor
  2. Benjamin Zander discusses Mahler's Third Symphony (spoken word)

Opinions differ on how to interpret Mahler's Symphony No. 3, a work of such convoluted material, extreme contrasts, and immense proportions that it inevitably invites disagreements. But few can deny that Benjamin Zander has elicited a brilliant performance from the Philharmonia Orchestra, or that his reading is thoughtful and provocative in the best sense. Zander makes a convincing case for reviving Mahler's original mystical program, and reveals the High Romantic side of the composer, with all his conflicting ...

Mahler: Symphony No. 3 2004, Telarc Distribution

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