Luna Moths: Masters of Change


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See for yourself one of the most amazing masters of change in the insect kingdomthe luna moth! Hatching from a tiny egg, the luna moth begins its life as a caterpillar just 0.11 inch (3 millimeters) long. An eating machine, the caterpillar grows and sheds its skinor moltsfour times. Then it stitches a silk cocoon among the fallen leaves and becomes a pupa. Inside the pupa, the insects body dissolves and reforms. After about six months, the insect emerges as a beautiful luna moth with a wingspan of up to 5 inches (127 ...

Luna Moths: Masters of Change 2008, Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, MN

ISBN-13: 9780822573029


Luna Moths: Masters of Change 2008, Lerner Classroom, Minneapolis

ISBN-13: 9780822589891

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