Love Over Gold - Dire Straits
Track Listing
  1. Telegraph Road
  2. Private Investigations
  3. Industrial Disease
  4. Love Over Gold
  5. It Never Rains

Adding a new rhythm guitarist, Dire Straits expands its sounds and ambitions on the sprawling Love Over Gold. In a sense, the album is their prog rock effort, containing only five songs, including the 14-minute opener "Telegraph Road." Since Mark Knopfler is a skilled, tasteful guitarist, he can sustain interest even throughout the languid stretches, but the long, atmospheric, instrumental passages aren't as effective as the group's tight blues-rock, leaving Love Over Gold only a fitfully engaging listen. ~ Stephen Thomas ...

Love Over Gold 2000, Warner Bros.

UPC: 093624777229


Love Over Gold 1999, Vertigo

UPC: 042280008826


Love Over Gold 1990, Warner Bros.

UPC: 075992372824