With no skills besides scoring the perfect stilettos, maxing out her credit card, and partying till dawn, Marisol Winston is about to get a lesson in the real world--and in love. . . After years of perfecting her party-girl image, Marisol wants to open an L.A.-based deluxe boutique. Unfortunately her father refuses to foot the bill until she agrees to do a stint in shopaholic rehab. Surely she can survive a few weeks without Dior, right? But part of Marisol's anti-retail remedy entails getting a real job as a nanny ...

Lets Misbehave 2008, Wheeler Publishing, Detroit, MI

ISBN-13: 9781597227353

Large type / large print

Trade paperback

Let's Misbehave 2007, Zebra Books, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780821780527

Mass-market paperback