Le Journal Intime d'Une Nymphomane ()

directed by Jes¨s Franco
featuring Doris Thomas, Anne Libert, Howard Vernon, Jacqueline Laurent, Montserrat Prous

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A man named Ortiz (Manuel Pereiro) picks up pretty Linda (Montserrat Prous) in a lesbian strip club. Thinking she is a prostitute, Ortiz takes Linda to his room, where she has sex with him, then she calls the police and commits suicide while he sleeps. Ortiz is arrested for murder, but his wife Rosa (Jacqueline Laurent) starts to investigate Linda's past, beginning with the mysterious Countess Anna de Monterey (Anne Libert). Anna was Linda's lover, but the girl soon began a tragic spiral into drug abuse after an unpleasant ...

Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac 2010,

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