Lachenmann: Complete String Quartets ()


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Lachenmann: Complete String Quartets - JACK Quartet
Track Listing
  1. Gran Torso, for string quartet
  2. String Quartet No. 2 ("Reigen seliger Geister")
  3. String Quartet No. 3 ("Grido")
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Helmut Lachenmann has described his music as musique concrète instrumentale, and he has created an elaborate process of sound production that relies on amplified raw timbres and extended effects of instruments, rather than on other organizing principles such as melody, motivic development, or even serial techniques. Lachenmann's scores are extremely difficult to perform, and as a result of their great demands, they require musicians who are not only capable of playing rasping, scraping, and grating sonorities, but, ...

Lachenmann: Complete String Quartets 2014, Mode Records

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