At the China Ball, Hong Kong was always the belle, Shanghai the ambitious hussy and Beijing the ugly sister who got stuck in traffic. Today, if the Olympics had a designer label race, Beijing would win platinum. But while she s in full development overdrive, and careening down the expressway to cosmo living, Beijing can still be a very tough nut to crack. Fret not, dear hearts, all the LUXE Beijing addresses are listed in English and Chinese so now you can leave the tourist swarms behind and visit The Great Wall in style, ...

Luxe Beijing 2014, Luxe Limited

ISBN-13: 9789888132393

9th edition


LUXE Beijing 2007, LUXE Asia Limited, Pok Fu Lam

ISBN-13: 9789628935505

4th Revised edition


LUXE Beijing 2006, LUXE Asia Limited, Pok Fu Lam

ISBN-13: 9789628935017

2nd Revised edition

Unknown binding