Joyce of the Jasmines


JOYCE OF THE JASMINES - RALPH HENRY BARBOUR With Itlustrations in Color by CLARENCE F. -- 1911, -- ILLUSTRATIONS SHE WAS SIILIXC A STRAXGE LITE SECRET THIXGB SMILE PULL OF ...................... Frontispiece man JOYCE OF THE JASMINES THIS story, such as it is, opens naively with a dialogue between a Man and a Fly.. Presently another Blan appears on tlie scene. Subsequently the Author, with amaz- ing originality, introduces a IIoman. Where- upon the tale proceeds leisurely to its con- clusion, leaving the Reader to ask. ...

Joyce of the Jasmines 2016, Palala Press

ISBN-13: 9781356038435


Joyce of the Jasmines 2012, Hardpress Publishing, Ann Arbor MI

ISBN-13: 9781290201377

Trade paperback