Coll defined the look of adventure illustration. No one has ever captured the menace of the Devil Doctor or Athelstan Kings journeys into mystic lands the way Coll did. The struggle between the gallant Sir Denis Nayland Smith and his arch-nemesis the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu in Sax Rohmers classic sagas breathe and move on the page. Every nuance of form and fantasy one could imagine is evoked in Talbot Mundys incredible tale of intrigue, King of the Khyber Rifles. These epic encounters of heroes and villains locked in combat ...

Joseph Clement Coll: A Legacy in Line 2015, Flesk Publications

ISBN-13: 9780972375849


Joseph Clement Coll: A Legacy in Line 2007, Flesk Publications

ISBN-13: 9780972375832

Trade paperback