The endearingly mismatched duo has their hands full when a party for a friend goes comically awry. One day Joe, an exuberant giraffe, hears a commotion coming from another part of the famous cageless zoo he calls home. Joined by his small, green, slightly more serious turtle friend, Sparky, Joe discovers the source of the hullabaloo: a group of children -- or noisy short people, as Joe and Sparky call them -- having a party. Inspired, Joe decides to throw a party for his pet worm, Wiggy. There's just one problem: Sparky ...

Joe and Sparky, Party Animals! 2018, Candlewick Press (MA)

ISBN-13: 9781536203271

Trade paperback

Joe and Sparky, Party Animals! 2017, Candlewick Press,U.S., Massachusetts

ISBN-13: 9780763682064