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It was raining and blowing at Eldridge's Crossing. From the stately pine-trees on the hill-tops, which were dignifiedly protesting through their rigid spines upward, to the hysterical willows in the hollow, that had whipped themselves into a maudlin fury, there was a general tumult. When the wind lulled, the rain kept up the distraction, firing long volleys across the road, letting loose miniature cataracts from the hill-sides to brawl in the ditches, and beating down the heavy heads of wild oats on the levels; when the ...

Jeffbriggs'slovestory 2007, 1st World Library

ISBN-13: 9781421897257


Jeffbriggs'slovestory 2007, 1st World Library - Literary Society

ISBN-13: 9781421896250

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