When the four-song vinyl EP Jealous Again came out in 1980, Black Flag had yet to provide a full-length LP or hire Henry Rollins as its vocalist. But even in those pre-Rollins days, Black Flag was regarded as one of the most important bands on the Los Angeles punk scene -- and rightly so. In fact, it's safe to say that no 1980 release captures the raw, explosive anger of L.A. punk better than Jealous Again. Black Flag's second vocalist, Chavo Pederast (the one who came after Keith Morris and before Rollins), has no problem ...

Jealous Again 1999, SST

UPC: 018861090719

7" single (45 rpm)

Jealous Again 1991, SST

UPC: 018861000329


Jealous Again 1990, SST

UPC: 018861000312