Jammin' in New York ()


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Jammin' in New York - George Carlin
Track Listing
  1. Rockets and Penises in the Persian Gulf
  2. Little Things We Share
  3. Airline Announcements
  4. Golf Courses for the Homeless
  5. The Planet Is Fine

An older, angrier George Carlin riffs on the sexuality of Operation Desert Storm, the inanity of airline announcements, sporting solutions for the nation's homeless, and the likely future of the planet in yet another virtuoso comedy performance first televised as an HBO special. Whatever his topic (or should that be target?), Carlin's jokes hinge upon keen-eyed and reasoned social commentary. This is poisonous satire disguised as mass entertainment. Fans of the comedian's earlier work may not appreciate this curious new ...

Jammin' in New York 2008, Flashback Records

UPC: 081227989057


Jammin' in New York 1992, Atlantic

UPC: 075679222121