James Horner: Pas de Deux - Alisa Weilerstein (cello); Francesco Ruggieri (cello maker); Håkon Samuelsen (cello); Mari Samuelsen (violin)
Track Listing
  1. Pas de Deux, concerto for violin, cello & orchestra
  2. Fratres, for violin, strings & percussion
  3. Violoncelles, Vibrez!, ballad for 2 cellos & strings
  4. Divenire, for piano

Pas de Deux is not a James Horner score for an unknown film but a freestanding composition, being billed as his first foray into classical music since the 1980s. Leaving aside the question of whether film scores qualify as classical music, it seems pretty clear that those who like Horner in general will like this work. Here and elsewhere, he does one thing well -- lush romanticism -- and does it very, very well. His economy of gesture, which makes one wonder why neutral arpeggios are having such an emotional impact, is ...

James Horner: Pas de Deux 2015, Mercury Classics

UPC: 028948114870