Into the Dark: 30 Years in the Ruc


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Johnston Brown was hailed by Martin Dillon as "the superb investigator who was central to bringing `Mad Dog' Adair to justice." According to Dillon," . . . the day [Brown] publishes the story of life in the RUC, from the troubled 1970s to the 1990s, a veil will be lifted from the undercover war . . .. ". Into the Dark is that story. Johnston Brown served in the RUC for nearly 30 years. Recruited into the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) only two years into his service, he quickly established himself as a detective ...

Into the Dark: 30 Years in the RUC 2006, Gill Books, Dublin

ISBN-13: 9780717141654


Into the Dark: 30 Years in the Ruc 2005, Gill & Company, Dublin, Ireland

ISBN-13: 9780717139507