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Inside the Taj Mahal, Vol. 2 ()


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Inside the Taj Mahal, Vol. 2 - Paul Horn
Track Listing
  1. The Mahabhutas: Prithivi/Vayu/Tejas/Apa
  2. Haidda
  3. Bach Chorales: #10/#13/#164/#270
  4. Centaur: Morning Song/Flute Pipes/Dance Of The Centaur/Evening Song
  5. Mass: Kyrie

After 20 years, Paul Horn returned to the site of one of new age music's monumental events. On Inside the Taj Mahal, Vol. 2, he uses a soprano saxophone in addition to his flutes. By total coincidence, the guard who had accompanied him in 1968 was on duty again and provided similar Hindi chants. The beauty of these pieces is pristine. Using the 28-second unbroken echo perfectly, Horn's acoustic instruments take on space music textures and ambient timbres. The ethereal soundscapes are full and dense and the atmospheres are ...

Inside the Taj Mahal, Vol. 2 2010, Wounded Bird

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