Induction, Probability, and Causation


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In his essay on 'Broad on Induction and Probability' (first published in 1959, reprinted in this volume), Professor G. H. von Wright writes: "If Broad's writings on induction have remained less known than some of his other contributions to philosophy . . . , one reason for this is that Broad never has published a book on the subject. It is very much to be hoped that, for the benefit of future students, Broad's chief papers on induction and probability will be collected in a single volume . . . . " The present volume ...

Induction, Probability, and Causation 2010, Springer, Dordrecht

ISBN-13: 9789048183173


Induction, Probability, and Causation 1967, Springer

ISBN-13: 9789027700124

1968 edition