The seventh collection of the journalism of Bernard Levin, covering subjects from the Gulf War to Glyndebourne, Gutenberg and the Piltdown man, also female prize-fighters, homosexual "outing" and rescuing the name of Hannibal from its current link with flesh-eating murderers. Levin raises his voice in praise and horror, posing questions such as: "Is Michael Heseltine The Thing From Outer Space?" and "Would Jesus Christ like A.N. Wilson?" Aiming to be as irreverent, searching and disarming as ever, this volume marks Levin's ...

If You Want My Opinion 1993, Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, London

ISBN-13: 9780340589236

New edition

Mass-market paperback

If You Want My Opinion 1992, Random House (UK)

ISBN-13: 9780224035880