Nigel Dorking is getting that out-of-control feeling. But he can put things right. All he has to do is break Mum and her new boyfriend Gordon up, break Dad and Babette up, put Babette's twins in an orphanage and find a good home for their dog. Oh, and cure his brother Ivan - that is if Ivan isn't faking it. Armed with courage, the Knights' Code of Chivalry, an abundance of interesting facts and his goldfish, Nigel will reunite his REAL family and then he, Nigel Dorking, will have achieved his Holy Grail. Mary-Anne Fahey is ...

I, Nigel Dorking 2015, Bolinda Audio

ISBN-13: 9781489083333

MP3 format

I, Nigel Dorking 2012, Bolinda Audio

ISBN-13: 9781743142202

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I, Nigel Dorking 2008, Puffin Books, London

ISBN-13: 9780141323770

Mass-market paperback

I, Nigel Dorking 2007, Puffin, Hawthorn

ISBN-13: 9780143302476