I Don't Want to Let You Down - Sharon Van Etten
Track Listing
  1. I Don't Want to Let You Down
  2. Just Like Blood
  3. I Always Fall Apart
  4. Pay My Debts
  5. Tell Me

Like an unreleased side C of the musically mature, thematically searching Are We There, Sharon Van Etten enacts the same tone with repeat co-producer Stewart Lerman, and is lyrically still struggling, coping, and navigating trying relationships on I Don't Want to Let You Down. Some of those relationship problems were caused, she has admitted, by being absent in the pursuit of her music career, a dilemma of self-awareness that provides fodder for much of the five-track EP. In "I Always Fall Apart," accompanied only by ...

I Don't Want to Let You Down 2015, Jagjaguwar

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