Hornets: Incredible Insect Architects


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Take a closer look at natures amazing insect architectthe hornet! Each year, a young female hornet queen selects just the right spot and designs a nest of six-sided cells. Every cell is made from a paper-like material she creates by mixing wood with her own saliva. Once she has a small structure, she lays an egg in each cell and raises her young. Soon the queen has a whole family of workers, which continue to build more cells and increase the size of the hive. These workers also hunt insects for food, care for the queen and ...

Hornets: Incredible Insect Architects 2008, Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, MN

ISBN-13: 9780822572978


Hornets: Incredible Insect Architects 2008, Lerner Classroom, Minneapolis

ISBN-13: 9780822589839

Trade paperback