Hissy Fitz lives with some two-legged creatures who are destined to serve him in every possible way and understand his every whim. Sadly, these creatures are sorely lacking in their skills. For one thingthey touch him when they want to touch him. Don't they know that the two-legged are there for him to touch when he wants tomeaning when he wants food? Petting wakes him up! They speak to himdon't they know the two-legged should be seen (so Hissy knows where to demand food from) and not heard?! It's becoming intolerable. What ...

Hissy Fitz 2017, Carolrhoda Books, Minneapolis

ISBN-13: 9781512441451

Trade paperback

Hissy Fitz 2015, Carolrhoda Books, Minneapolis

ISBN-13: 9781606845967