Hidden Waters/Sacred Ground ()


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Hidden Waters/Sacred Ground - Sophia
Track Listing
  1. Sweet Surrender
  2. Charana Kamara Bundu Hari Dai
  3. The Earth Is Our Mother
  4. Sacred Ground Round
  5. Hidden Waters]

This exquisite release, Sophia's most popular, is full of lovely instrumental passages and her beautiful voice. Zither, tamboura, bamboo flute and violin combine with Raphael's colorful synthesizer, imbued with healing energies & spiritual qualities. For massage, meditation or just filling your space with loving feelings, Hidden Waters, Sacred Ground provides a wonderful accompaniment by combining earth and water elements. ~ Backroads Music/Heartbeats, Rovi

Hidden Waters/Sacred Ground 2003, Hidden Waters Music

UPC: 097347610320


Hidden Waters/Sacred Ground 1996, Hidden Waters Music

UPC: 097347610344