You think it's going to be the good stuff - every kiss, every party. Don't count on it. I was Bridget Duke - the uncontested ruler of the school. If keeping the wannabes in their place meant being a mean girl, then so be it! I never thought there'd be a price to pay. Until the accident. Now, trapped between life and death, I'm seeing my world in a new light: through the eyes of five people whose existence I've made hell. And I've got one chance to make things right. If I don't, I may never wake up again... If you couldn't ...

Here Lies Bridget 2011, Mira Ink, Don Mills, ON

ISBN-13: 9780778304999


Here Lies Bridget 2011, Harlequin, Don Mills, Ont.

ISBN-13: 9780373210282

Trade paperback