Heme Oxygenase in Biology and Medicine


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Heme oxygenase is rapidly taking its place as the centerpiece of multiple inter- acting metabolic systems. Only 25 years ago heme oxygenase and its metabolic prod- ucts appeared to be merely a simple metabolic system-one substrate, heme; one enzyme, heme oxygenase; and one set of products, iron to be recycled, and bilirubin and carbon monoxide to be disposed. From a group of about 25 people in 1974, as judged by attendance at various Gordon conferences, heme oxygenase has, in the year 2000, attracted working scientists-and ...

Heme Oxygenase in Biology and Medicine 2012, Springer

ISBN-13: 9781461352198

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Heme Oxygenase in Biology and Medicine 2002, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780306472640

2002 edition