This book focuses on morphological and anatomical strategies developed by halophytes during evolution that allow them to survive in high-salt environments. These adaptive strategies refer to well integrated structural features, such as succulence, salt secretion (salt glands and vesicular hairs), aerenchyma, Kranz anatomy, bulliform cells, successive cambia, tracheoidioblasts and endodermis with pronounced Casparian strips. The authors present cross sections of the roots, stems and leaves of 62 halophyte species belonging ...

Halophytes: An Integrative Anatomical Study 2016, Springer

ISBN-13: 9783319381923

Softcover Reprint of the Origi edition

Trade paperback

Halophytes: An Integrative Anatomical Study 2014, Springer

ISBN-13: 9783319057286

2014 edition