This book relates a true story, but the team that accomplishes it belongs in an adventure pulp, or perhaps an Indiana Jones movie. A diplomat, a photographer and an author have decided to trek through hundreds of miles of virtually unexplored Bolivian jungle, and they come upon the Russian, Sacha Siemel, the notorious Tiger-Man, who speaks excellent English and has buffed himself in the bush to study and hunt jaguars. They exchange a few pleasantries, explain that they're embarking on a months-long trip through the bush, ...

Green Hell 2008, Pomona Press, Alcester

ISBN-13: 9781443734707


Green Hell 2006, Pomona Press, Alcester

ISBN-13: 9781406794205

Trade paperback

Green Hell 1968, Macmillan, London

ISBN-13: 9780330022057