'I didn't spot the body until I was about to dive in. He was floating face down, the water around him streaked with red. He looked like William Holden in that film, except this fellow was big, and he wasn t talking about how he got there' -- Meet Billy Glasheen, a fresh new voice in crime fiction. It's Sydney, the 1950s, and Billy's trying to make a living, any way he can. Luckily, he's a likeable guy, with a gift for masterminding elaborate scenarios whether it's a gambling scam, transporting a fortune in stolen jewels, or ...

Get Rich Quick 2012, Verse Chorus Press

ISBN-13: 9781891241246

Trade paperback

Get Rich Quick 2004, Verse Chorus Press

ISBN-13: 9781891241154


Get Rich Quick 1996, Mandarin Australia, Milsons Point

ISBN-13: 9781863305105

Mass-market paperback