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Generalized Etale Cohomology Theories


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A generalized etale cohomology theory is a theory which is represented by a presheaf of spectra on an etale site for an algebraic variety, in analogy with the way an ordinary spectrum represents a cohomology theory for spaces. Examples include etale cohomology and etale K-theory. This book gives new and complete proofs of both Thomason's descent theorem for Bott periodic K-theory and the Nisnevich descent theorem. In doing so, it exposes most of the major ideas of the homotopy theory of presheaves of spectra, and ...

Generalized Etale Cohomology Theories 2010, Springer Basel

ISBN-13: 9783034800655

Reprint of the 1997 Edition


Generalized Etale Cohomology Theories 1997, Birkhauser, Basel, Switzerland

ISBN-13: 9783764354947

1997 edition