Banished to an uninhabited planet, a handful of genetic scientists prepare to live out eternity. Here, beyond the reach of their accusers, theory becomes reality. Experimenting with stolen human germ plasm, they shape mankind into races unlike anything Earth has ever seen: the whimsical Llani metamorphs, the inventive but rebellious Ganus, and the Rhodaru warriors with the truth sense. Once their great test has begun, the immortal geneticists agree never to interfere. But like the races they invent, the scientists are ...

Garden of the Shaped 2007, Wildside Press, Holicog

ISBN-13: 9781434401571

Trade paperback

Garden of the Shaped 1987, Spectra Books

ISBN-13: 9780553268010

Second Enlarged 1979 Reprinted edition

Mass-market paperback