Gap Junctions in the Nervous System


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A Cytoplasm Connexon or Hemichannel Cytoplasm external loop I - P. M. N-Termlnus Fig. 1. 1. Topology of gap junction channels. (A) Cap junction channels, extending from the cytoplasm of one cell to the cytoplasm of another, are formed by two connexons or hemichannels connected across extracellular space. (B) Each connexon is formed from six connexin subunits, each having four membrane-spanning domains and both amino and carboxyl termini within the cytoplasm. External/oops (I and II} are believed to provide the high affinity ...

Gap Junctions in the Nervous System 2013, Springer

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Gap Junctions in the Nervous System 1996, Landes Bioscience, New York, NY

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