Fundamentals of Algebraic Topology


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This rapid and concise presentation of the essential ideas and results of algebraic topology follows the axiomatic foundations pioneered by Eilenberg and Steenrod. The approach of the book is pragmatic: while most proofs are given, those that are particularly long or technical are omitted, and results are stated in a form that emphasizes practical use over maximal generality. Moreover, to better reveal the logical structure of the subject, the separate roles of algebra and topology are illuminated. Assuming a background in ...

Fundamentals of Algebraic Topology 2016, Springer

ISBN-13: 9781493948857

Softcover Reprint of the Origi edition Annotated

Trade paperback

Fundamentals of Algebraic Topology 2014, Springer-Verlag New York Inc., New York

ISBN-13: 9781493918430

2014 edition Annotated