Norman Miller used to be one of Fleet Street's finest. Now he's a middle-aged, burned-out hack with a gift for the sensational story, the shouting tabloid lead. But as he reports on a series of brutal murders and sex crimes, he's forced to wonder whether he is just a witness - or part of some deeper pattern of cause and effect . . . 'Remarkable . . . Devastating . . . Required reading for anyone interested in what British fiction should be doing today.' Stephen Amidon, Esquire

Fullalove 2004, Faber & Faber, London

ISBN-13: 9780571222858


Mass-market paperback

Fullalove 1998, Random House (UK)

ISBN-13: 9780436200595


Fullalove 1997, Random House (UK)

ISBN-13: 9780749386382

Trade paperback