A kids' counting book that lets young readers enjoy a short and simple tale about a frog who can't play hide-and-seek because he can't count to ten. He begins as one lonely frog, rides away on a two-wheeled bicycle, and coasts along for three miles, and so forth. A bicycle accident causes him to see eight doctors, receive nine bandages, and then get a bill for ten dollars. In recounting the events, Frog realizes that he CAN count to ten, and the next day he joins his friends in a game of hide-and-seek. John Liebler's ...

Frog Counts to Ten 2010, Lulu.com, Morrisville

ISBN-13: 9780557354078


Frog Counts to Ten 1995, Millbrook Press

ISBN-13: 9781562946982

Trade paperback

Frog Counts to Ten 1994, Millbrook Press

ISBN-13: 9781562944360