Francesco Tristano Schlimé, Piano  - Francesco Tristano (piano); Russian National Orchestra; Mikhail Pletnev (conductor)
Track Listing
  1. Piano Concerto in G major, M. 83
  2. Piano Concerto No. 5 in G major, Op. 55
  3. Reveal (improvisation)
  4. Progression (improvisation)
  5. Return (improvisation)
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Young Luxembourg-born virtuoso Francesco Tristano Schlimé is in no rush in either of the two piano concertos here, considerably stretching tempos beyond the norms in almost every movement. He is abetted by an equally laid-back Mikhail Pletnev, himself a virtuoso pianist of the first rank. Pletnev draws fine playing from his Russian National Orchestra, the music in general sounding supple and relaxed, with the edges sanded smooth and the attacks less potent.The first movement of the Ravel comes across best, with its bluesy ...

Francesco Tristano Schlimé, Piano 2006, PentaTone Classics

UPC: 827949008061