For Revenge... or Pleasure?


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Real/fake? Jade Ferraro is a cosmetic surgeon at an elite Beverly Hills clinic. But to Loukas Demakis she's a fraud. Revenge/pleasure? Loukas plans to seduce top secret information from Jade, and then discard her when he's done. Money/truth...Loukas buys Jade dinner-for a donation of one million dollars! But will the cost of the truth be worth the price of his heart?

For Revenge... or Pleasure? 2006, Mills & Boon, Richmond

ISBN-13: 9780263847888

New edition

Mass-market paperback

For Revenge...or Pleasure? 2006, Harlequin

ISBN-13: 9780373233076

Mass-market paperback

For Revenge... or Pleasure? 2005, Mills & Boon, Richmond

ISBN-13: 9780263187915