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Festive Fayre - Musica Antiqua of London
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Track Listing
  1. La Morisque
  2. Les Bouffons
  3. Pavane, "Belle qui tiens ma vie"
  4. Branle de l'Officiel
  5. Masque Dance
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  1. La Morisque
  2. Les Bouffons
  3. Pavane, "Belle qui tiens ma vie"
  4. Branle de l'Officiel
  5. Masque Dance
  6. The Crushed Laurel
  7. Ich strund an einem Morgen
  8. Snow has fallen
  9. Women and Fleas
  10. Pastyme with Good Companye for 3 voices
  11. Fuggit Amore
  12. Wassail Song ("Here We Come a-Wassailing"), carol (a.k.a. "Here We Come a-Caroling")
  13. Bring Us Some Good Ale
  14. Tourdion, for chamber ensemble
  15. Cantiga de Santa María 10, Rosa das rosas e Fror das frores
  16. Leaping and Dancing
  17. Cantiga de Santa María 5, Quenas coinas deste mundo ben quiser soffrer
  18. Unspecified Folk Tune
  19. Unspecified Folk Tune
  20. Polka
  21. I Cannot Forget Thee
  22. Walachian Dance
  23. Good Polish Dance
  24. Cantino Polnica (Lute Tablature of 1619)
  25. Jan of Lublin's Organ Tablature: Dance
  26. Jan of Lublin's Organ Tablature: Heyduck Dance
  27. Polish Dance (Lute Tablature of Mateusz Waisseliius)
  28. Snatching Dance (17th Century Lute Tablature)
  29. Tydlidom
  30. Bohemian Traditonal Carol
  31. The Birds
  32. Furiant
  33. The Drummer Boy
  34. Tydilidom, carol (Walachian)
  35. As I out rode this enderes night (The Coventry Shepherds' Carol) (16th century)
  36. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (English)
  37. Rocking Voices
  38. Sussex Carol ("On Christmas Night")
  39. Pavane and Galliard
  40. Work(s): Pastorale
  41. Pavanne and Gaillarde Premiere
  42. O Bethlehem, Thou Glorious City
  43. Lullay, Lullay, carol (English)
  44. Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem
  45. Puer Natus in Bethlehem (from the Polyhymnia caduceatrix)
  46. Walk Ye in All the Ways
  47. Joseph, lieber Joseph mein
  48. Joseph, lieber Joseph mein (Joseph, Dearest Joseph Mine), carol (German)
  49. Tempus adest floridum (PiæCantiones)
  50. As I Sat on a Sunny Bank
  51. Dorothea
  52. Maria
  53. Susanna
  54. Von Himmel Hoch
  55. All People That on Earth Do Dwell (Old Hundredth)
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Festive Fayre 1994, Symposium

UPC: 760411157020