The field of toxicogenomics is moving rapidly, so it is impossible at the timeofthiswritingtocompileaclassicmethodstextbook.Instead,wechose to identify experts in all aspects of this field and challenged them to write reviews, opinion pieces, and case studies. This book covers the main areas important to the study and use of toxicogenomics. Chapter 1 speaks to the convergenceofclassicapproachesalongsidetoxicogenomics.Chapter2deals withtheusefulnessoftoxicogenomicstoidentifythemechanismoftoxicity. ...

Essential Concepts in Toxicogenomics 2010, Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ

ISBN-13: 9781617376887


Essential Concepts in Toxicogenomics 2008, Humana Press

ISBN-13: 9781588296382

2008 edition