I'm just an ordinary writer, Erskine Caldwell once wrote. ""I'm not trying to sell anything; I'm not trying to buy anything. I'm just trying to present my vision of life."" His ostensibly unsolicitous vision of Southern grotesques, of the slack-jawed, pellagra-ridden sharecroppers, repressed farmwives, and over sexed nymphets, elicited, however, anything but an ""ordinary"" response. Hailed by the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Maxwell Perkins, reviled by others as a pornographer or sensationalist, Caldwell was once ...

Erskine Caldwell: Selected Letters, 1929-1955 2013, McFarland & Co Inc, Jefferson, NC

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Erskine Caldwell: Selected Letters, 1929-1955 1999, McFarland & Company, Jefferson, NC

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