Eleni Karaindrou: Elegy of the Uprooting ()


Eleni Karaindrou: Elegy of the Uprooting - Eleni Karaindrou
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  1. Prayer
  2. Refugee's Theme
  3. Weeping Meadow
  4. Dance
  5. Ode of Tears
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  1. Prayer
  2. Refugee's Theme
  3. Weeping Meadow
  4. Dance
  5. Ode of Tears
  6. For the Phrygian Land Vast Mourning
  7. By the Sea
  8. Depart and Eternity Theme
  9. Rosa's Aria
  10. Memories
  11. Hecuba's Lament/Hecuba's Theme II
  12. Telamon, You Came to Conquer Our Town
  13. City That Gave Birth to You Was Consumed by Fire
  14. Ode of Tears
  15. Theme of the Uprooting I
  16. Weeping Meadow II
  17. Voyage
  18. Voyage to Cythera
  19. On the Road
  20. Parade
  21. Return
  22. Andromache's Theme
  23. Land I Call Home
  24. Home of My Forefathers
  25. I Wish I'm Given There
  26. Refugee's Theme
  27. The Seagull
  28. The Song of the Lake
  29. Adagio/Father's Theme
  30. In Vain the Sacrifices
  31. My Beloved, Your Soul is Wandering
  32. The Decision
  33. The Farewell Theme
  34. Theme of the Lake
  35. Hecuba's Theme II
  36. Lament for Astyanax
  37. Exodos
  38. Weeping Meadow
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As a composer, Eleni Karaindrou may not be a name as widely known in America as Steve Reich or Philip Glass or even John Rutter. No matter. She should be. Karaindrou has spent the last three decades writing scores for the films of her countrymen, most notably the maverick -- and widely celebrated -- Greek directors Theophilus Angelopoulos, Lefteris Xanthopoulos, and Christoforos Christofis, as well as for stage plays (Trojan Women, based on Euripides), and her own major work, "The Great Vigilance," from 1971. These are just ...

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