Coccinellids have been very actively studied in the course of the twenty three years since "Biology of Coccinellidae" was published. The great amount of new, and often very important findings have made the previous book outdated and a new synthesis is needed. No other monograph of similar focus and extent has appeared. Iablokoff- Khnzorian's "Les Coccinelles" (1982), limited to the tribus Coccinellini, and Gor- don's "The Coccinellidae of America North of Mexico" (1985) both concentrate on taxonomy. Majerus' beautiful ...

Ecology of Coccinellidae 2011, Springer, Dordrecht

ISBN-13: 9789048147366


Ecology of Coccinellidae 1996, Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

ISBN-13: 9780792341772

1996 edition