Eastbound: Our Flight - Our Mission


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"All private flyers have their dreams. Ours was to circle the world under our own power and navigation . We'd thought about it, talked about it, knew we could do it and one day would. It was only a matter of under what circumstances and when. What we never anticipated, not in our wildest imaginations, was that such a flight would be born for us out of Glasnost, Perestroika and the breakup of the Soviet Union.or that it was destined to become a life experience for us as Jews. But that's what happened. " *** So begins the ...

Eastbound: Our Flight - Our Mission 2006, Authorhouse, Bloomington IN

ISBN-13: 9781420852875


Eastbound: Our Flight - Our Mission 2006, Authorhouse

ISBN-13: 9781420852882

Trade paperback