E-Magic: Cast 50 Spells by E-mail & Text Message


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Guaranteed: if a youngster's not chatting on their mobile, they're typing in the latest emoticons or sending an email. And if not that, they're probably watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch or devouring a Harry Potter novel. Aimed at 13-22 year-olds, [email protected] updates the traditional spell formulae with modern methods. Out go scripts, scrolls and exotic ingredients and in come everyday, easily available items and totally accessible methods - but still with a mystical approach. Even better, text messaging and email ensure that ...

E-Magic: Cast 50 Spells by E-mail & Text Message 2002, Carlton Publishing Group

ISBN-13: 9781842224229


e-magic: Cast 50 Spells by E-mail and Text Message 2001, Carlton Books Ltd, London

ISBN-13: 9781842224540