Don't Wait Up (For George) ()


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Track Listing
  1. Don't Wait Up (I'm Playin' Possum)
  2. Living in a Minor Key
  3. She Thinks I Still Care
  4. If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me
  5. The Door

One of the cool things about having Waylon Jennings for a father is your dad's work friends are likely to be a lot more interesting than if he worked, say, at a vacuum cleaner repair shop. Shooter Jennings knew George Jones as a good-hearted guy who used to stop by and visit his father sometimes, and when Jones died in 2012, Shooter lost both a family friend as well as a musical hero. Don't Wait Up (For George) is a five-song EP Jennings released in tribute to the Old Possum, featuring two originals and three covers of ...

Don't Wait Up (For George) 2014, Black Country Rock

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