Doctor Who and the Cybermen


In 2070, the Earth's weather is controlled from a base on the moon. But when the Doctor and his friends arrive, all is not well. They discover unexplained drops of air pressure, minor problems with the weather control systems, and an outbreak of a mysterious plague. With Jamie injured, and members of the crew going missing, the Doctor realises that the moonbase is under attack. Some malevolent force is infecting the crew and sabotaging the systems as a prelude to an invasion of Earth. And the Doctor thinks he knows who is ...

Doctor Who and the Cybermen 2011, BBC Books, London

ISBN-13: 9781849901918

Mass-market paperback

Doctor Who and the Cybermen 2010, Audiogo

ISBN-13: 9781602838246

Audiobook CD

Doctor Who and the Cybermen 1975, TBS The Book Service Ltd

ISBN-13: 9780426105756